Springtime in Orange County, CA

I don’t get as much time as I’d like to write anymore… I’ve been super busy lately, working on more things than can be listed, but I have been able to keep snapping pictures of the amazing transformation of the hills after the fires last November. When the hills turn green and get covered in flowers, I go nuts… I imagine this is what Orange County must have looked like before anyone trod here; before the cattle came and before the houses marched in. Don’t get me wrong – I sell homes for a living, but I grew up in Hawaii, and spent my first ten years of life tromping through forests and glades, so wide-open space covered in trees and breeze-swept grasses really tugs at me.
Here are a couple of pix I’ve snapped recently as I drove along the 241 from Coto to Irvine; enjoy!




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