Ta-Da! Seven Months!

I was planning on giving it an even 7 month span between blog posts and write something on October 26th, but, as always the time got away from me… At least at the seven-month mark I could have said “Ta-Da! Seven Months!” and spin it like that kind of blog communication gap was something to be proud of… maybe I’ll wait a couple of weeks for the 8-month mark… nah…now is as good a time as any…
I suppose this could be the Summer/Early Fall Retrospect for 2008, which might read like this:
Here are a few highlights:
1. I improved the “Market Statistics” pages drastically from where they used to be – not that they were bad per se, but now I’ve piped in daily updates and created an interface that allows users to visualize the market data in a few different ways. If you take a look at the Irvine Real Estate Market Report page, for example, you’ll see the “Seven-Day Market Stats” box near the middle of the page that gives you narrow statistics for the Irvine area alone; immediately underneath is the “Real Estate Market Trends for Irvine, California” area that allows you to compare stats like “Number of Listings”, “Median Price,”, “Days on Market”, and “Price Per Square Foot” in individual zip codes in the city.
2. I contracted a developer to work with Zillow’s Demographics API to provide a modicum of demographic & real estate-centric statistics that I thought people might find interesting. An example is the Newport Beach Demographics page. Next up will be relevant school data both of which will get integrated into the individual listings and displayed at the broader city-level.
3. I closed a number of escrows in the area, including
a. 10301 Jon Day in Huntington Beach for $890,000
b. 218 Via Mentone on Lido Island for $2,300,000
c. 16650 Akron Drive in Pacific Palisades for $2,620,000
d. 17 Mahogany Drive in Irvine for $1,620,000
e. 1 Sawgrass in Coto de Caza for $1,975,000
f. 29971 Saddleridge Drive in San Juan Capistrano for $1,800,000
g. 28822 Via Buena Vista in San Juan Capistrano for $1,000,000
h. 15452 Eiffel Circle in Irvine for $600,000
4. I just wrapped up – about an hour ago to be precise – a wider, better site design. It’s got more room for more information and best of all – bigger photos! My fave! Big photos are a must, pageload times be damned! Which leads me to Item # five.
5. More Photography! I’ve spent the past year shooting tons of photography of all of the great areas we live in… I’m still missing good photos from a few areas, but I’m getting there. I’ll post some of my favorites in a separate post shortly. Before another 8 months are up, I promise.
So…. what do you think? Comments and criticisms are welcome.

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  1. I love it Jesse! It is looking beautiful! Congratulations on all of your hard work.

  2. Hey, thanks!!
    I’m always at it, chipping away at the marble block, trying to make sculpture out of pixels.

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