Newport Coast Sunset Photos

I was showing homes in Belcara & Pienza in the Pacific Ridge area of Newport Coast a few days ago and I was saying goodbye to my clients when the sky just erupted in color. I grabbed my camera and shot as fast as I could, trying to capture every bit of the sunset as it moved through the most vibrant & electric colors I’ve seen in recent times.
Here are a few of the better panoramas I was able to stitch together:


This was the first panorama I took; you can see my headlights in the left of the image.


I stopped in the Pienza tract to grab this photo; I like the strong silhouette of the trees and homes against the sky (to say nothing of the amazing sky).


This is my favorite of the four; the range of color in the sky… the three separate lightening dark purple-blacks of the hills as they step towards the horizon… Catalina in the distance on a bed of clouds… a few lights sparkling in someone’s Pelican Hill abode…


That’s Catalina Island floating on a sea of purple and eggplant-colored clouds. This is about ten vertical photos that I stitched together to make one long panorama. Given the late hour and the fact that I didn’t have a tripod, I was stoked to see that the images were sharp enough to keep…

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  1. What camera are you using? Beautiful sunsets.

  2. Ron –
    I’m using my Canon Rebel XT… I take it everywhere with me… that camera has been so good to me… I’ve got it splashed in the waves, dropped in the sand, covered in dew, dust, you name it… I broke one of the LCD panels on the back so I have to infer a couple of settings sometimes, but other than that, I’m happy to try and break it to pieces in the effort to get good shots whenever they present themselves…
    Those big panoramas are done by taking side-by-side vertical pictures that I overlap in the frame and then I use Photoshop CS to stitch them together… I adjust the levels a little to bring out some of the colors, and that’s about it…

  3. Jesse,
    Thanks for your great photos. They are breathtaking and inspirational on so many levels. You have a keen eye and a gift.

  4. Mayra –
    Thanks for the compliment! Sorry it took me a month to respond… hardly anyone comments here (I wish more people would, of course) and I don’t have an automatic alert that lets me know when someone does… I need to check into that…
    I love photography… I have to shoot…
    Unfortunately, I just broke my camera, so I need to find a new one… I kept banging it into everything and you have to figure it can only take so much before it gives it up…
    Anyway, thanks for visiting the site! Please come back again… I’ve got a ton of photography that I need to post… I just haven’t had much time to get it all edited and posted…

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