4th of July in Laguna Beach

Hello, everyone! I wanted to share a few photos from my 4th of July I spent in Laguna Beach… We’ve been having uncharacteristically gloomy weather the past few weeks and I was a little worried we might get fogged out in Laguna on the 4th; on the contrary – the evening was beautiful and the fireworks were in spectacular form this year… The Main Beach show was great by itself, but when you rolled Emerald Bay’s and Newport Beach’s into it, it was just amazing… The photos were taken from the Arch Beach Heights neighborhood, and I think, in my humble opinion, they have some of the best views in Orange County…I’ll let you decide; here are some pix:

Laguna Beach, CA 4th of July 2010

Laguna Beach, CA 4th of July 2010

Laguna Beach, California 4th of July 2010

Laguna Beach, California 4th of July 2010

Laguna Beach, CA 4th of July 2010

Laguna Beach, CA 4th of July 2010

Laguna Beach, California 4th of July 2010

Laguna Beach, California 4th of July 2010

Let me know what you think! Where did you spend your 4th? The past couple of years our family celebrated the 4th in Ladera Ranch; before that, Rancho Santa Margarita, Irvine, Newport… Let others know where your favorite spots are…

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  1. I live in Arch Beach Heights and it was a great year for fireworks this year. The last couple of years were not so hot. I had heard the city was considering pulling the plug on the fireworks for budgetary reasons this year – I’m really glad they decided to keep it. Great photos – thanks for sharing!

  2. @ Warren – Glad you liked the photos. I’m pleased with them as well… I really like what’s happening in the smoke in a couple of them…

    @ LagunaLinny – I had heard the same thing – that Laguna was going to cancel the show this year; glad they didn’t… We used to come down every year for the show and sit on the bluffs near Heisler Park… the last few years we’ve spent the 4th in Ladera Ranch… they have a really nice show as well and there is a good vibe in the crowd there… anyway, thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  3. Jess, wow! Beautiful pics … wish I was there with ya!

  4. Bud –

    Thanks! We had a great time that evening… was really nice… wish you guys were there, too!

  5. Amazing photos! As usual 🙂 Love your website and blog!

  6. @ CotoQueen – Why, thank you, Mrs. Coto Queen! Glad to have shared the pix – and the evening with you :)! Love ya, Love!

  7. Amazing work Jesse. These photos are amazing

  8. Doug –

    Thanks! They did turn out really nice… I shot a ton of pix that evening… the cobalt blue on the ocean in the third picture is amazing to me… we were on my Dad’s deck and one of his neighbors called out and said “They’re launching a test rocket!” and I ran over and snapped that photo… got super lucky on that one…

  9. Great photos, Jesse! We really miss you guys. People in Florida go nuts for fireworks and were shooting Disney-like huge ones off on the beach right in front of our condo. It was fun!

  10. Nancy –

    Nice to hear from you! We miss you guys as well… its not the same on the block without you & Dick around… glad you had a nice 4th as well… I bet your view was great; you’ll have to send me a couple of photos (I know you took some!). Tell Dick we said Hello.

  11. Jesse, thanks so much for sharing theses with me! I have watched the Laguna Beach fireworks for 27 years in a row, so this was my first year of missing them. Your photography is amazing! The clouds look surreal, esp. in #2, and getting those night shots at all, let alone with fireworks in them is not a job for the inexperienced photographer! It reminds me of when you took a picture of the outside of my house when the sun was just setting, and the lights had just come on on the stainless steel garage doors. It was right after the “professional” photographer had just left with all his expensive equipment, and you got the best shot – the one we used! Send me photo blogs anytime!

  12. These are stunning pictures Jesse! I especially love the one where the clouds are closing in on the sunset over the water. Beautiful!

  13. @ Valorie – glad to share them and good to hear from you; I thought you would like those photos… I do remember the photo I took in your house that evening… that was amazing… the photo I took right before that pic is in rotation at the top of my Laguna page here – http://www.ocexclusives.com/laguna-beach-real-estate.php… the photos come up randomly, so you may have to wait, but it is of the fog rolling in over downtown… I think everyone who knows me knows that I carry my camera around with me everywhere… I’m a geek like that… and now, to add to the geekiness, I’ve been shooting video with my new camera, which is really neat… nothing says “geek” like a person staring into the back of a machine at a beautiful vista… hahahaha….

  14. @ Becky – Thanks, Becky! I really like that one as well… I bet it would be nice blown up and printed on a wall… good colors in there… I have this urge to fly up and out into that clear space between the cloud banks… I’ll check with Maile’s husband (my new brother in law – congrats Maile!), Tim, and see what he thinks. He could actually do something like that. In case you guys don’t know Tim, you can check out one of his escapades with his brother, Anthony, here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlNhvW-TU-w… We’ve already talked about flying off the roof of my Dad’s house there…

  15. Wow Jesse – really awesome looks. . . thanks for sharing!

  16. Phenomenal shot Jesse! Sorry Lisa and I couldn’t stay for the fireworks but enjoyed the most beautiful family and friends we have.
    Just awesome pics!
    Big Love!
    Uncle Bobba

  17. @ Uncle BobbaG – Sorry you missed the show but we had a fine time up until then, no? See you guys again soon!

    @ Jason Tate – Hey man, good on ya for stopping by to say ‘Ello! Tell the fam we said the same; seen you sometime soon.

  18. Your wife says no to jumping off the roof of your dad’s house 🙁

  19. BABOOOOM! Amazing how the town below and the fireworks compliment one another. Beautiful Jess xxoo

  20. Little bro, you are so talented! The pictures are breathtaking…thanks for ALL the HARD WORK you’ve put into listing, showing, shooting, marketing 1 Sawgrass, praying that you will get huge tchews soon! Paying you with lots of love for now xoxo HB

  21. @ Heidi – Thanks, Sis! Glad you liked the photos… and always glad to work for you… anyone reading this – if you know someone who needs a wonderful home in a great location in Coto de Caza, check out http://www.1sawgrass.com and lets make a deal.

  22. Nice job! Takes skills to capture fireworks that well.

  23. Hello,

    Please advise on the locations to shoot fireworks this year – 2017 in orange county.


  24. RK – Practically every city in the county has a fireworks show, but most limit and/or ban personal fireworks. That said, the cities in North County are more liberal with their fireworks rules.

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