Surterre Properties Newport Beach office outsells other OC offices by over $100,000,000 for 1st 3 Quarters of 2011

On a total sales, office-by-office basis, the Newport Beach Surterre Properties office has outsold all other Orange County brokerages – boutique & multinationals – by over $100,000,000 over the first three quarters of 2011. The same office also had the highest average sales prices @ $1,688,423.

Here’s how the numbers break down:

Real Estate Brokerage by OfficeTotal $ in Sales Q1, Q2, Q3 2011Avg Sales Price# of Sales
SURTERRE PROPERTIES INC NB$319,111,950 $1,688,423 189
FIRST TEAM REAL EST HB$218,648,219 $619,400 353
REGENCY REAL ESTATE BROKERS MV$201,089,285 $527,793 381
COLDWELL BANKER NRT NB NPT CTR$170,322,859 $1,261,651 135
HOM REAL ESTATE GROUP INC NB$168,953,075 $1,215,490 139
KELLER WILLIAMS MV$167,257,426 $543,044 308
PRUDENTIAL CALIF REALTY NB$154,134,750 $951,449 162
PRUDENTIAL CALIF REALTY AH$145,264,909 $615,529 236
RE/MAX PREMIER REALTY IR$144,873,540 $489,438 296
FIRST TEAM REAL EST LN$128,243,333 $529,931 242
COLDWELL BANKER NRT NB FASHION ISL$125,637,205 $1,231,737 102
PRUDENTIAL CALIF REALTY DP$119,725,008 $849,114 141
TELES PROPERTIES NB$111,531,900 $1,327,761 84
SEVEN GABLES REAL ESTATE TUS$111,036,049 $638,138 174
FIRST TEAM REAL EST IR$108,748,440 $566,398 192
PRUDENTIAL CALIF REALTY YL$102,488,128 $617,398 166
C-21 SUPERSTARS RSM$96,513,800 $527,398 183
FIRST TEAM REAL EST TUS$95,168,038 $471,129 202
PREFERRED GROUP PROPERTIES SJ$94,451,111 $347,247 272
PRUDENTIAL CALIF REALTY BREA$85,471,312 $464,518 184
ALTERA REAL ESTATE DP$84,379,192 $615,907 137
PRUDENTIAL CALIF REALTY IR$83,447,779 $534,922 156
FIRST TEAM REAL EST NB$81,327,160 $713,396 114
COLDWELL BANKER NRT MV$78,632,631 $446,776 176
PRUDENTIAL CALIF REALTY LN$78,583,193 $476,262 165
RE/MAX TIFFANY REAL EST CYP$78,318,695 $410,046 191
PRUDENTIAL CALIF REALTY CDM$69,799,889 $1,485,104 47
FIRST TEAM REAL EST ANA$68,883,030 $425,204 162
COLDWELL BANKER NRT LN$65,515,645 $595,597 110
SURTERRE PROPERTIES INC NB$64,715,500 $1,096,873 59
HOM REAL ESTATE GROUP INC LB$62,644,095 $1,305,085 49
FIRST TEAM REAL EST MV$61,037,745 $418,067 146
KELLER WILLIAMS SC$60,423,146 $719,323 84
C-21 BEACHSIDE HB BCH BLVD$59,379,800 $570,960 104
COLDWELL BANKER NRT IR$58,443,438 $671,764 87
FIRST TEAM REAL EST SLB$55,279,850 $453,114 122
EVERGREEN REALTY IR$54,172,945 $419,945 129
RE/MAX SELECT ONE DP$53,984,153 $658,343 82

While that’s not all of the brokerages in the area, it does represent the top 40. If anyone is counting, those sales are just a few dollars shy of $4,250,000,000 ($4,249,382,128 to be exact), which is a lot of money. I’d like to know what sales were last year for the same period…

In all fairness, when you add up the regional office sales volumes for larger corporate operations like Coldwell Banker NRT, Prudential California Realty & First Team Real Estate, they pack a punch. Take a look at the numbers here:

Real Estate BrokerageTotal Sales Volume Q1, Q2, Q3 2011# of OfficesAvg $ Volume/Office
Surterre Properties$383,827,450 2$191,913,725
Coldwell Banker NRT$498,551,778 5$99,710,356
First Team Real Estate$817,335,815 8$102,166,977
Prudential California Realty$934,554,690 9$103,839,410

Prudential did $934,554,690 in sales, which is a huge number. First Team weighs in at $817,335,815 and CB at $498,551,778. Surterre? $383,827,450.

OK. So we’re not the 800-lb gorilla, but if you look at it from an office average, the two Surterre offices represented did almost double the amount of business than the other brokerages’ office averages, which is not bad at all.

Credit goes to Rick Schreiber for aggregating the data, all drawn from the MLS.

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