Shady Canyon Custom Home Sales Over the Past 7 Years

Shady Canyon Custom Homes in Irvine, CA

One of my favorite neighborhoods is Shady Canyon in Irvine. For most people who visit the neighborhood, its a no-brainer – it’s a gorgeous place with sublime homes. For me though, I was a detractor before the place was built… my appreciation for the neighborhood took time.

I lived in Turtle Rock for a few years and the open space where Shady Canyon is now was where I would walk and where I would go when I needed a bit of wilderness, stat. When they started developing the land, my first reaction was “Please, No! Don’t ruin all of that open space!” Cows used to amble by, crows would gather in the old towering bee-filled sycamores and dusty trails crisscrossed the land… In time, though, planners dreamed, draftsmen drew and the earthmovers came. I watched as the rough forms of development took shape, new paths were carved around old creek beds, trees were moved into new groupings and home pads were cut and prepped…

Vintage Shady Canyon Photo in Irvine, CA
Photo of vintage Shady Canyon

A year or so went by and the gates went up, new home sales started and prospective residents, neighbors and all would-be comers got a glimpse of what had been crafted. I remember seeing the neighborhood for the first time and being truly amazed at what they had done. It’s easy to throw off a word like “amazing”; we do it when someone gives us a bite of nice cake and we look at them and say “mmm – amazing!” but what I mean in the last sentence was real amazement. I was ready to write the place off as a gated blemish but for the first time in my experience, I felt that the natural space had been improved upon; nature had been elevated. Vistas were framed from new vantage points, rocks moved into aesthetically pleasing positions, new trails – private and public – cut through the area and a high temple to golf had been erected. The architecture was right for the place. I had a new found respect for the planners and developers – namely, The Irvine Company – who had managed to take what was a raw beautiful space and transform it into something that was better than it was before… which is tough to do when competing with raw natural beauty.

This was all, of course, before I was in the real estate business; had I been an agent at that point, I probably would have started out with a different perspective. At that point, though, I was just judging it for the aesthetic qualities it had, not yet really understanding the place it would have in the real estate market.

Today, Shady Canyon is even better. The trees have grown in; the bougainvillaea has clambered up and over gates & archways; private fountains bubble behind walled courtyards. And true to the original vision, the homes sit artfully in the landscape as if they have been there for a long time.

I do sell real estate so I thought I would segue at this point into a bit of business – the sales of custom homes in the neighborhood from 2005 through 2012. The market has gone through some pretty wild gyrations the past 7 1/2 years and you can see those swings in the number of homes sold and the prices they sold for on a year-to-year basis. Last year was a good year for home owners there and this year should prove to be even better.

The info is pulled from the Multiple Listing Service (“MLS”); here are the numbers:

Shady Canyon Custom Homes in Irvine, CA

All Custom Home Sales in Shady Canyon, CA from 01/01/2005 to 12/31/2005

MLS#Property AddressNeighborhoodBathsBedsGarSold PriceApprox SqFtSales $/SqFtApprox Lot SqFtYr BuiltClose of Escrow
L1626329 Black HawkShady Canyon Custom Homes6.543$5,999,9997,000$857.1420,000200404/01/05
U0541268729 Black HawkShady Canyon Custom Homes6.543$5,925,000N/AN/A20,000200405/09/05
U0543582529 Blue HeronShady Canyon Custom Homes5.541$5,595,000N/AN/AN/A200408/02/05
Averages$5,840,000 7,000$834.2920,000

Shady Canyon Custom Homes in Irvine, CA

All Custom Home Sales in Shady Canyon, CA from 01/01/2006 to 12/31/2006

MLS#Property AddressNeighborhoodBathsBedsGarSold PriceApprox SqFtSales $/SqFtApprox Lot SqFtYr BuiltClose of Escrow
S41712125 Golden EagleShady Canyon Custom Homes4.543$4,020,000N/AN/A25,526200301/09/06
S39766721 Blue GrassShady Canyon Custom Homes443$4,800,0005,430$883.9824,699200503/13/06
U0651105432 Blue HeronShady Canyon Custom Homes6.554$8,700,000N/AN/AN/A200403/23/06
S40769023 Black HawkShady Canyon Custom Homes5.553$5,000,0006,635$753.5820,000200505/22/06
L1939045 Echo GlenShady Canyon Custom Homes5.544$6,995,0006,700$1,044.0327,592200606/01/06
U660074328 Salt BushShady Canyon Custom Homes5.553$5,500,0006,000$916.6723,308200611/28/06
U660180822 Grey OwlShady Canyon Custom Homes663$5,400,0006,300$857.1429,000200612/04/06
U660309435 Golden EagleShady Canyon Custom Homes4.543Reported as $06,300N/A24,045200212/20/06
Averages$5,773,571 6,228$89124,881

Shady Canyon Custom Homes in Irvine, CA

All Custom Home Sales in Shady Canyon, CA from 01/01/2007 to 12/31/2007

MLS#Property AddressNeighborhoodBathsBedsGarSold PriceApprox SqFtSales $/SqFtApprox Lot SqFtYr BuiltClose of Escrow
U660367444 Golden EagleShady Canyon Custom Homes6.553Reported as $08,862N/A40,598200601/31/07
U700021720 Golden EagleShady Canyon Custom Homes654$8,550,0008,900$960.6726,700200702/15/07
U700010640 Salt BushShady Canyon Custom Homes5.554$6,315,0007,150$883.2220,150200604/03/07
U0550274222 Blue GrassShady Canyon Custom Homes5.544Reported as $06,015N/A25,962200604/11/07
L2130539 Golden EagleShady Canyon Custom Homes4.554$5,400,0006,460$835.9129,969200604/26/07
U660172747 Echo GlenShady Canyon Custom Homes454$6,725,0006,962$965.9627,840200705/01/07
U700006344 Blue HeronShady Canyon Custom Homes1064$11,660,00012,284$949.2039,117200606/21/07
U660291322 Well SpringShady Canyon Custom Homes5.543$4,725,0005,900$800.8523,470200606/22/07
U700159432 Golden EagleShady Canyon Custom Homes4.546$4,800,0005,700$842.1120,038200606/28/07
U660411261 Canyon CreekShady Canyon Custom Homes4.543Reported as $0N/AN/A21,531200607/16/07
U700074522 Black FalconShady Canyon Custom Homes666$7,250,0007,700$941.5620,327200707/17/07
U700108642 Golden EagleShady Canyon Custom Homes7.564Reported as $08,100N/A38,768200708/03/07
U700087629 Water CressShady Canyon Custom Homes5.554Reported as $05,472N/A25,612200608/28/07
U700277022 CactusShady Canyon Custom Homes653Reported as $06,250N/A20,651200709/18/07
U700207551 Golden EagleShady Canyon Custom Homes653Reported as $0N/AN/A33,000200611/13/07
U7004353100 Canyon CreekShady Canyon Custom Homes964$7,500,0008,200$914.6327,624200711/27/07
U700290535 Boulder ViewShady Canyon Custom Homes5.554$7,350,000N/AN/A24,306200712/09/07
Averages$7,027,500 7,425$89927,392

Shady Canyon Custom Homes in Irvine, CA

All Custom Home Sales in Shady Canyon, CA from 01/01/2008 to 12/31/2008

MLS#Property AddressNeighborhoodBathsBedsGarSold PriceApprox SqFtSales $/SqFtApprox Lot SqFtYr BuiltClose of Escrow
U700340631 Salt BushShady Canyon Custom Homes5.553$5,800,0006,600$878.7927,028200701/16/08
U700350944 Blue HeronShady Canyon Custom Homes1064Reported as $012,284N/A39,117200604/08/08
U800049729 Water CressShady Canyon Custom Homes5.554$5,000,0005,472$913.7425,612200704/16/08
U800226320 Grey OwlShady Canyon Custom Homes754Reported as $07,400N/A28,924200507/24/08
U700358430 Water CressShady Canyon Custom Homes5.554$4,450,0006,165$721.8227,791200608/01/08
U660324021 Salt BushShady Canyon Custom Homes654$5,555,0006,566$846.0227,155200708/18/08
L2487422 Blue GrassShady Canyon Custom Homes644$4,500,0006,015$748.1325,962200608/20/08
S529922108 Canyon CreekShady Canyon Custom Homes647$4,950,0006,000$825.0032,548200708/25/08
U700387444 Golden EagleShady Canyon Custom Homes853$7,000,0008,862$789.8940,598200608/29/08
S54607195 Canyon CreekShady Canyon Custom Homes964$5,200,0007,678$677.2623,788200811/14/08
U800105847 Canyon CreekShady Canyon Custom Homes754$5,295,0007,778$680.7722,747200611/25/08
U800311024 CactusShady Canyon Custom Homes1164Reported as $09,500N/A22,900200812/12/08
U800031762 Canyon CreekShady Canyon Custom Homes653$4,757,5007,037$676.0723,892200712/31/08
Averages$5,250,750 7,489$77628,312

Shady Canyon Custom Homes in Irvine, CA

All Custom Home Sales in Shady Canyon, CA from 01/01/2009 to 12/31/2009

MLS#Property AddressNeighborhoodBathsBedsGarSold PriceApprox SqFtSales $/SqFtApprox Lot SqFtYr BuiltClose of Escrow
S54007350 Boulder ViewShady Canyon Custom Homes864$5,500,0009,497$579.1329,868200702/06/09
U800251531 Water CressShady Canyon Custom Homes544$4,325,0006,450$670.5425,788200802/27/09
U900111859 Canyon CreekShady Canyon Custom Homes643Reported as $05,490N/A20,798200803/06/09
S55838452 Copper CreekShady Canyon Custom Homes854$4,500,0006,725$669.1432,373200803/10/09
U800249766 Canyon CreekShady Canyon Custom Homes854Reported as $010,566N/A32,207200704/01/09
U900006994 Canyon CreekShady Canyon Custom Homes954$4,300,0008,057$533.7028,500200804/16/09
U800558521 Grey OwlShady Canyon Custom Homes743$5,000,0006,200$806.4531,363200505/15/09
U900150059 Boulder ViewShady Canyon Custom Homes654$4,125,0006,853$601.9328,502200806/10/09
L2732221 Blue GrassShady Canyon Custom Homes543$3,696,0005,430$680.6624,446200506/30/09
U9000904109 Canyon CreekShady Canyon Custom Homes874$4,500,0008,394$536.1022,474200807/08/09
U800402524 Well SpringShady Canyon Custom Homes863$4,075,0007,600$536.1824,589200707/10/09
U900342198 Canyon CreekShady Canyon Custom Homes1074$5,600,0009,500$589.4733,749200807/31/09
U900407539 Echo GlenShady Canyon Custom Homes764$10,000,00010,200$980.3939,435200908/15/09
U800542165 Canyon CreekShady Canyon Custom Homes753$3,450,0006,700$514.9324,541200810/15/09
U900030929 Blue GrassShady Canyon Custom Homes965$4,575,0007,600$601.9721,824200612/03/09
S59170354 Copper CreekShady Canyon Custom Homes543$3,200,0005,800$551.7226,247200412/30/09
Averages$4,774,714 7,566$63227,919

Shady Canyon Custom Homes in Irvine, CA

All Custom Home Sales in Shady Canyon, CA from 01/01/2010 to 12/31/2010

MLS#Property AddressNeighborhoodBathsBedsGarSold PriceApprox SqFtSales $/SqFtApprox Lot SqFtYr BuiltClose of Escrow
U900390123 CactusShady Canyon Custom Homes1184$5,725,00012,016$476.4524,808200801/28/10
U900464821 Tree FernShady Canyon Custom Homes866$5,777,77713,418$430.6023,711200902/22/10
R80538228 Salt BushShady Canyon Custom Homes753$3,900,0006,000$650.0023,308200602/26/10
S59310729 Salt BushShady Canyon Custom Homes653$3,850,0007,500$513.3328,023200803/18/10
U9001490118 Canyon CreekShady Canyon Custom Homes964$5,015,0009,800$511.7323,742200903/20/10
S58397630 Sage CreekShady Canyon Custom Homes653$3,700,0007,225$512.1134,151200904/14/10
C0904748441 Golden EagleShady Canyon Custom Homes656$3,400,0007,000$485.7133,538200604/16/10
U1000125127 Boulder ViewShady Canyon Custom Homes754$5,350,0009,100$587.9139,248200505/26/10
U1000003728 Golden EagleShady Canyon Custom Homes543$3,250,0005,200$625.0021,168200505/26/10
U1000017236 Black HawkShady Canyon Custom Homes545$3,000,0005,500$545.4529,311200206/11/10
S61056991 Canyon CreekShady Canyon Custom Homes754$3,365,0006,579$511.4825,283200909/12/10
U1000359728 Well SpringShady Canyon Custom Homes854$3,500,0006,000$583.3329,479200709/28/10
U1000309452 Echo GlenShady Canyon Custom Homes766$6,950,00010,000$695.0036,473201011/01/10
S62033951 Copper CreekShady Canyon Custom Homes653$3,275,0006,935$472.2428,665200111/17/10
U1000410425 Tree FernShady Canyon Custom Homes854$4,000,0009,025$443.2132,743201011/17/10
U1000212531 Blue HeronShady Canyon Custom Homes876$5,250,00010,000$525.0021,452200711/24/10
U1000333156 Canyon CreekShady Canyon Custom Homes863$4,000,0009,000$444.4423,646200611/30/10
U1000433156 Golden EagleShady Canyon Custom Homes957$5,350,00010,800$495.3741,077200612/30/10
S59982463 Canyon CreekShady Canyon Custom Homes863$3,500,0009,600$364.5823,183200912/31/10
Averages$4,139,883 7,953$500.4427,359

Shady Canyon Custom Homes in Irvine, CA

All Custom Home Sales in Shady Canyon, CA from 01/01/2011 to 12/31/2011

MLS#Property AddressNeighborhoodBathsBedsGarSold PriceApprox SqFtSales $/SqFtApprox Lot SqFtYr BuiltClose of Escrow
U1000414397 Canyon CreekShady Canyon Custom Homes867$4,300,00010,000$430.0020,300200801/05/11
U1000477251 Golden EagleShady Canyon Custom Homes853$3,630,0007,357$493.4132,952200603/03/11
U1000384183 Canyon CreekShady Canyon Custom Homes964$4,500,0008,546$526.5630,702201003/18/11
S64439036 Salt BushShady Canyon Custom Homes753$3,275,0007,000$467.8620,368200703/18/11
U1100094031 Golden EagleShady Canyon Custom Homes754$3,600,0006,500$553.8534,186200305/31/11
U1100082224 Boulder ViewShady Canyon Custom Homes434$4,150,0006,400$648.4439,062200606/27/11
U1100320897 Canyon CreekShady Canyon Custom Homes867$4,600,00010,000$460.0020,375200807/25/11
U1100253837 Blue HeronShady Canyon Custom Homes543$3,900,0006,000$650.0020,000200208/11/11
U1100161759 Boulder ViewShady Canyon Custom Homes654$4,280,0006,853$624.5428,502200709/21/11
U1000322623 Needle GrassShady Canyon Custom Homes1058$8,889,00014,000$634.9328,484201009/22/11
U1100324034 Blue HeronShady Canyon Custom Homes753$5,200,0007,000$742.8628,920200411/03/11
U1100083237 Sage CreekShady Canyon Custom Homes744$4,800,00011,592$414.0825,268200711/23/11
Averages$4,593,667 8,437$553.8827,427

Shady Canyon Custom Homes in Irvine, CA

All Custom Home Sales in Shady Canyon, CA from 01/01/2012 to 12/31/2012

MLS#Property AddressNeighborhoodBathsBedsGarSold PriceApprox SqFtSales $/SqFtApprox Lot SqFtYr BuiltClose of Escrow
U1000377743 Copper CreekShady Canyon Custom Homes753$2,670,0007,500$356.0020,665200501/12/12
U1200033323 CactusShady Canyon Custom Homes1384$6,500,00012,016$540.9524,808200802/23/12
U1200069544 Blue HeronShady Canyon Custom Homes954$12,800,00011,441$1,118.7840,208200603/05/12
U1200028524 Water CressShady Canyon Custom Homes653$3,000,0004,200$714.2922,469200603/06/12
U1100507653 Boulder ViewShady Canyon Custom Homes755$4,800,0008,503$564.5124,875200903/30/12
U1200019761 Boulder ViewShady Canyon Custom Homes876$6,500,00010,200$637.2534,000201204/02/12
U1100256625 CactusShady Canyon Custom Homes854$5,550,0008,246$673.0522,138201005/16/12
S69142549 Golden EagleShady Canyon Custom Homes764$4,538,8886,200$732.0849,957200505/21/12
U1200215925 Needle GrassShady Canyon Custom Homes864$6,550,0009,923$660.0825,385201005/30/12
S68872165 Canyon CreekShady Canyon Custom Homes753$3,700,0006,700$552.2424,541200806/18/12
U1100336521 Boulder ViewShady Canyon Custom Homes855$7,100,00010,000$710.0036,414200907/18/12
U1200176747 Canyon CreekShady Canyon Custom Homes754$4,555,0007,778$585.6322,747200707/18/12
U1200184954 Golden EagleShady Canyon Custom Homes763$5,300,0006,700$791.0437,561200608/03/12
P72469593 Canyon CreekShady Canyon Custom Homes953$3,448,0008,300$415.4224,315200808/16/12
U1200359932 Golden EagleShady Canyon Custom Homes546$4,030,0005,700$707.0220,038200609/07/12
U1200232622 Blue GrassShady Canyon Custom Homes644$4,750,0006,015$789.6926,127200609/19/12
U1200347536 Black HawkShady Canyon Custom Homes544$3,500,0005,500$636.3629,312200410/24/12
U1200185595 Canyon CreekShady Canyon Custom Homes964$5,330,0007,678$694.1923,788200811/07/12
U1200303519 Needle GrassShady Canyon Custom Homes754$8,000,0009,221$867.5835,253201211/14/12
U1100496030 Black HawkShady Canyon Custom Homes655$4,580,0006,800$673.5332,477200512/27/12
Averages$5,360,094 7,931$670.9928,854

Thanks for reading; I hope it was of interest to you. If you would like more information on any of these homes or want to talk about specific values in greater detail, give me a call @ (949) 292-9786 or bounce me a quick email @ [email protected] and I’ll get you what you need.

Please note: All values with “zero” in the tables are not calculated in the averages in each column.

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