One Liner for Some Friends

I’m taking a new listing in Aliso Viejo and my clients have a wall they painted with blackboard paint some years ago.  The clients, who are longtime friends of mine, have had plenty of dinner parties over the years and one of the evening pastimes is to cover that particular wall with a menagerie of drawings…I am no stranger to that wall and enjoy sitting or standing in front of it, laughing and making wild drawings with other people… there’s something powerful about making images à la minute in front of a small crowd.

We had photography planned for their condo and I thought it would be nice to have a single drawing on that wall for the photo shoot. I asked them if they’d mind if I drew something for them and they said “Right-o!” and left me a key at the front door.

I’ve got this thing for doing single line drawings where I don’t pick up the pen or pencil until I am done with the whole drawing; it requires you to commit to the line, and simultaneously trust that your hand will make a right and beautiful mark without having to direct it fully. You have to look at the place you want your pen to go and not where the pen is now. The more you can stop looking at the pen and current mark being made, the more assured the line becomes and the more natural and beautiful the line looks. At least, it looks beautiful to me…

I just grabbed a sketchbook near my desk; here’s an example of my left hand I drew awhile back:

I couldn’t exactly do that with this wall since I was tearing through white chalk every two or three minutes, but it followed the same principle… I started in the bottom right-hand corner of the wall and made it up as I went…

A friend was with me and shot a short timelapse video on his phone.

Moral of the story? Don’t leave big blank black walls up in your home when I’m listing your property lest you end up with a huge single line drawing next to your dining table.

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