Vintage Lumber Nirvana

A few days ago, my wife and I made a trek to Vintage Timberworks in Temecula to go check out their storied reclaimed wood yard. We’ve been dreaming about putting a few beams in our home and there is probably no place better in Southern California to find unique, hundred-year-old, weathered, hand-hewn timbers & flooring of all sizes.

I called and told them we were coming to take a look; we scheduled a time and we headed out. An hour later we pulled onto their property and drove through the first of two sprawling lots filled with monstrous stacked beams.

We were in heaven.

I jumped out of the car and snapped a quick photo of a wood stack to our left; you can see the image below. Take a look at the trashcan to get an idea of how large those beams are.

Reclaimed timbers

Vintage Timberworks in Temecula

The office/studio/design space was just a few steps away and we walked up to meet whomever was going to show us around… Nikki Musaraca greeted us and gave us a walkthrough of the studio, pointing out some of the different reclaimed beam & flooring types they had. I don’t know what came first – their flooring or the beams – but their selection is equally excellent. I know – I’m plugging away for them shamelessly here but I love what they do. They source old timber from all over North America and then truck it back here so contractors, interior designers and builders can infuse their work with something timeless. Long may their business prosper.

Nikki said we could go check out the back lot if we were looking for hardwood beams. We’re planning on getting four 12′ lengths to run across the ceilings downstairs… that said, after thinking about it, I think we can work with two beams if we can split them lengthwise… Here are a few photos from the walkabout:

Entrance to one of the wood yards at Vintage Timberworks

The entrance to the back lot of reclaimed hardwood barn beams.

Stack of reclaimed beams at Vintage Timberworks

A stack of reclaimed hardwood barn beams.

Close up of reclaimed barnwood beams

A closeup of the reclaimed hardwood barn beams stack.

Standing in front of a stack of reclaimed barn beams

I had the Mrs. snap a quick pic of me in front of one of the stacks. I did this for scale as much as for the selfie-with-a-rockstar-pile-of-beams I wanted.

Reclaimed barn beams

Starstuck – nay – woodstruck – in front of a stack of beams. The beams were hand-hewn. The labor required to craft one of those beams must’ve been tremendous. Draw knife, chisel, plane, hammer, mallet, saw. Splinters, fingers, hands, backs. Whacking, tapping, pulling, lifting, dragging.

Reclaimed vintage barnwood beams

An uninterrupted view of a few beams.

Reclaimed vintage barnwood beams

Rows upon rows of stacks upon stacks.

Reclaimed vintage barnwood beams

I had Katie stand at the end of one particular beam to give it a sense of scale; I think that beam had to be 40′ long. Probably 20H”x20W” if not bigger… Where would this have been before? What monster span needed a beam this big?

Reclaimed bridge and building timbers

In the front lot now; softwoods here… the were enormous beams here… some looked as if a refrigerator had been laid on its side and then extruded 40′. 3’X4’x40′. ????!! How?

Vintage wood crosscut

A parting shot as we jumped back in the car. Mission accomplished – we found the vintage wood nirvana and will be back to get our beams someday soon. After thinking about it a bit more – I think we’ll get four beams after all – who could cut one of those in half? I’d rather hang four and make sure they stayed intact so they could travel another hundred years, just like they are today.

Much thanks to Nikki & Matt who showed us around. You can see some of the videos that Vintage Timberworks has done here.

You can visit them online at their site here: or better yet, go see them in person here:

Vintage Timberworks

47100 Rainbow Canyon Road

Temecula, CA 92592

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  1. Don’t forget thanks to Emma the dog that tired Honeygirl out so we could continue looking too! What a privilege to go there and touch and see the wood. Thank you Vintage Hardwood for the wonderful day =) We will be back!

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