Some favorite photos from this year – Part I

Like I said in my last post, I shot a ton of photography this year for my site; in all, there are over 350 different photos in that main photo bar at the top of the site. Some of the pages rotate the photos automatically like the Buyer’s page, and others pull a random photo for whichever area page you are on like the Crystal Cove Real Estate page.
Here are a few of my favorites.
Coto de Caza

South Coto de Caza 2008

This was taken in the south end of Coto de Caza, looking onto Mission Viejo Company property which extends for miles. Cows still graze here occasionally, which to some might seem ho-hum, but to me, still means there is a bit of old Orange County still around.

Oak tree, Coto de Caza 2008

This is taken in the same spot as above, but just pulls in closer to that amazing oak tree which is illuminated by this passing sun coming through those big blustery clouds. And that green! It’s electric… It reminded me of the green hills in Waimea on the Big Island – a green that vibrates it has so much pop to it.

Deer in the orange groves, Coto de Caza 2008

I was out walking one day and caught these deer peeking out of the orange groves on William Lyon’s property.

Cloudy day on the Coto golf course

A nice cloudy day in Coto.

Sunset trail, Coto de Caza, 2008

This was on a hike I took recently with a friend. He called me up to tell me he just bought a handheld GPS device and that he found this geocache website that let people upload different geocaches all over the planet. We found one in Coto and decided to head into the hills… we had a blast tramping through the grass and when we finally found the stash off of one of the trails, I thought it would be a good idea to leave our flashlight – you’re supposed to take something in the stash/cache and then leave something in return. There was enough daylight left when we left the flashlight, but then we decided to try and find another one his GPS detected… bad idea… we walked back in almost pitch black. I’ll bring two flashlights next time.

Bellview Canyon trail panorama, Coto de Caza, 2008

This was a panoramic shot I took on our geocache hike; please click the photo for a bigger version – it’s worth it.
I’ll post more photos later when I get a chance.

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