Irvine, CA Neighborhood Maps

One of my clients is relocating to the Dallas, Texas area and since I’m not familiar with the lay of the land, I thought I’d check it out on Google Maps… you know – just to get some sense of the place… If you search for “Dallas, TX” in Google Maps, it of course centers on Dallas… on the left hand side, there was an area called “User-Created Maps” that had a link to “Dallas Texas Neighborhoods” and I thought “Perfect!” and clicked. Here’s the link I ended up with – Dallas Texas Neighborhoods. On the Google map are overlays created by someone that delineate the neighborhoods in the area.. not all of them, but enough to provide some utility…
I immediately thought about our local real estate market in Orange County and what it must be like to be in any other state and have to move here for whatever reason, be it for the simple pleasure of joining all of us or to relocate for a job… whatever it may be…
I searched for “Irvine, CA” in Google Maps and didn’t see anything like the Dallas neighborhood maps, so I thought I’d create my own for Irvine. Here’s what I put together::

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If you click the colored areas, a pop-up with information on that neighborhood and/or business district comes up.
The actual link to that map is:
I think I like it and I think I’m going to start doing them for a few other communities in the area; I’ll let you know what I come up with.

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