The Walkability of a Place

I was looking at’s website a moment ago, looking for ways to improve my site when I bumped into a little icon that had a “walk score” next to it. The property had a walk score of 14 and underneath he score it said “Car Dependent” and I thought “Is this some kind of algorithm to judge a place’s walkability?” Of course, it was, or rather is… otherwise this post would end right now with “Wouldn’t that be neat?”
Here’s an example of’s Walk Score app for a random listing I pulled in Laguna Beach:
1855 Ocean, Laguna Beach, CA, 92651

Looks like it gets a “75/100” which puts that home at a “Very Walkable” rank… I love it…
I’m calling my developers right now and getting this implemented into my listings.
Note: It looks like the “Walk Score Tile” that they provide is having some trouble in the Internet Explorer browser (at least on mine it is)… take it for a spin here: Happy walking!

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