Coto de Caza: The Trails Pt. 02 – The Sunshine Boys Trail

There is a short trail near Van Gogh Way in Coto de Caza called “The Sunshine Boys Trail” that takes you under a dense canopy of oaks. In the summer, this persistent shade is a very welcome way to wind down a hike from the upper Bellview Canyon Trail; in the winter and spring, it is a cool and dreamy place to have an afternoon picnic.


This is the Sunshine Boys Trailhead; it is easy going, flat and cool through the trees.


The grass has grown in beautifully under the trees right now; when it rains, there is a small creek that runs to the right.


This wide shot under the canopy is exactly what it is like there -shady, cool, grassy and green. It feels like you are walking under a green sea.


Out tromping with family.


This enormous oak reminds me of an elephant for some reason… maybe it’s the bark that looks like a hide…


This is the far end of the oak grove and we’re heading back down the trail at this point.


This is a view looking from the grove and out to the trail ahead which continues up the hill to the Bellview Canyon Trail.


Out of the oak grove and looking out to the hills; the sky is huge and the ground has been recently washed by the rain; I’m in heaven again!

Here’s a map of the trail:

View Larger Map

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