Server Crash on OC Exclusives

Hello, all!
I’m sorry it has taken a server crash to write something new on my blog, but sometimes that’s what it takes to spur me to greater action – a bit of crisis.
If you’ve visited my site since Sunday around 1AM, you’ve probably noticed blank white screens for all of my pages dedicated to individual tracts as well as some of their parent areas. We had a server crash early Sunday AM and the techs are rebuilding it by hand… I’m not privy to all of the details, but it sounds like it was a software and hardware crash which is no bueno. I’m staying hopeful that there was no crucial data loss.
In the meantime, if anyone needs information on a specific area or listing just email me directly @ [email protected] so we can get you what you need. Maybe we’ll get to meet each other – this is kind of like when the power goes out on your block and neighbors you’ve never seen before emerge and you all have a great time talking about the last time this happened and why you don’t get out more often together.
Anyway, all the best! You guys are the ones who make this site great! I wouldn’t do it if you didn’t love it!
Jesse Brossa
Coldwell Banker

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