Update on Server Crash

Hello, all. I been receiving calls and emails daily from people who use the site regularly who have been unable to access the listing data. As most of you know by now, we had a server meltdown this past Sunday early in the morning. I spoke with my IDX provider this morning (IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange) and she informed me that a couple of our server’s hard drives were really damaged and the portion of my site that displays listings was on one of them. She said best-case scenario is a full return to action in three days…. worst case scenario is a complete rebuild of the system that will take about 3 weeks.
In the meantime, I framed the website CyberHomes here – www.ocexclusives.com/cyberhomes.php – so you could continue to search the MLS for listings. It isn’t perfect, but it has some nice features that I don’t have, so hopefully you’ll find it a suitable stand-in while we get things back online…
Again, if there is anything you need in the interim, just send me a quick email @ [email protected] or call me @ (949) 292-9786.
Thanks for being patient! We’re working hard to get the site back as soon as possible.

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