Great Park Neighborhood Release – Pavilion Park, Part 01

On September 27th, 2007, I visited and wrote about the Great Park for the first time. I was excited for the promise of the park and what it would bring, though I had some doubts. Six years later (my how time flys), I am not disappointed. There are some photos I shot around the base a few months later in October 2007 (you can see the post here; then it was a baked & cracked place where the scrub was quickly reclaiming the base bit by bit.

The planned residential areas on the Great Park property are being billed as the “Great Park Neighborhoods”; while I think that is a sensible choice, this is bound to get confusing over time as people reference the Great Park proper which is a separate entity… no matter, it’ll all get sorted by the right people.

This post is about the first Great Park Neighborhood – Pavilion Park. I wanted to show our readers a couple of facets of the Pavilion Park development. I’m going to do this post in 2 or 3 parts; haven’t decided yet… the first bit will be a quick look at some of the development in its raw phase, then a quick look at some model homes and then into the community facilities.


A billboard for the new homes going up in the Great Park.

There is a grey fence that surrounds the construction areas and I can’t decide if it is a permanent fence or temporary. It has staying power graphically – hard charcoal surface set against big skies, rough stone and shrubbery – it works. If it is temporary, kudos to Five Point Communities for the sharp window dressing.

Just a nice wide shot of the construction; this would work blown up and printed.

The son of a builder is always impressed at the speed that these projects go up. I think I need to be honest with myself and admit it – I’m becoming a a production home geek.

The large roundabout (traffic circle?) coming into the project; Pavilion Park proper is directly behind me. If I spin around we get:

A panoramic shot of the Pavilion Park. The lawn is huge here; the greenhouse is beautiful.

Harmony & Hawthorn model homes the day before the grand opening of the development.

The “Sonata” model in the “Harmony” tract. I love the vertical wood details above the stacked stone; the little Juliet Balcony; the small white corbels; the porch & the two roofing types – excellent!

The Hawthorn models; these are lovely homes built by Pulte Homes. Dan posted about the models a day or so ago; take a look at the post here.

The Melrose models. I haven’t been inside of these yet and am looking forward to it. I’m liking the look.

The Residence Three “La Jolla” model in the Melrose collection @ Pavilion Park.

To be continued.

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