Orange County Cities Rank High on America’s Safest Cities Lists

It’s not the first thing home buyers usually ask me, but the topic invariably comes up – “Jesse – is this a safe area? Is there a lot of crime here?” I tell them several of our cities make Top-Ten lists for the safest cities in the US time and time again – they are well-policed, generally well-managed and the citizens are involved, taking care of their neighborhoods.

There are apparently plenty of ways to compile & analyze the data as seen in the 2017 rankings for Irvine – Irvine was the 2nd safest city in the US as noted by Business Insider in December 2017, HomeSnacks put Irvine in 6th place based on the FBI crime datasets and CBS News ranked Irvine as the 21st safest. I checked MSN’s 2017 list and Irvine didn’t even make the top 100, but Santa Ana was ranked 2nd safest in the US. Hm. MSN = checked out.

Whether 21st place or 2nd place, Irvine is definitely what I would call a “safe” city; it’s kind of like a Volvo – safe, reliable but not exactly thrilling.

According to the local home services company, SERVIZ, residents and homebuyers in many Orange County cities may sleep a little more soundly tonight, knowing they’re living in some of the safest in the U.S., according to their latest Home Safety Rankings (HSR).

The Home Safety Rankings came about when the company’s founders realized that they were failing as many as 1 in 3 home contractors for criminal background checks. Concerned at these numbers, SERVIZ then researched and assembled its groundbreaking new Home Safety Rankings (HSR) Index for over 100 metropolitan areas across the U.S. The HSR also provides a look at the home safety habits and concerns of residents through city page statistics and easy to review infographics. Their findings received the approval of the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) as well.

The result? Several cities in the Orange County metro area ranked among the top of that list, with high-ranking cities including Aliso Viejo, Laguna Niguel, and Mission Viejo, California.

Out of 108 metro areas analyzed and ranked for home safety, Aliso Viejo was ranked the #3 safest (with a score of 79 out of 100 (with 100 being safest). Laguna Niguel was #5, meanwhile, with a high 65 safety ranking (both received A+ letter grade scores), and Mission Viejo was #9 in the top 10, with a safety ranking of 61 and an A- rating. Irvine received an A- grade but didn’t make their top ten. By comparison, Los Angeles itself scored a C+ rating and a safety ranking of just 19.

It looks like SERVIZ is in the home repairman/contractor referral business and is trying to gain some market share by vetting their referred contractors. Good for them. I know plenty of clients who would appreciate that extra qualification.

Patch, a site dedicated to local news, put several OC cities at their top of California’s safest for 2017. You can check their list here.

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